Teaching and learning.doc
SEN Information Report.pdf
EYFS at SP School .pdf
Assessment and Feedback Policy 2021.docx
Child on Child (formerly Peer on Peer) abuse update.pdf
Fire and Evacuation Procedures.pdf
Governing body statement of behaviour principles.pdf
Educational Visits and School Trips Policy.pdf
CCTV Policy.pdf
CAPH School Whistleblowing Policy Sep 2017 (2).pdf
Anti bullying policy 2018 (1).pdf
Critical incident Procedures.docx.pdf
Acessibility policy.pdf
Compliments, Concerns and Complaints Policy.pdf
Equality Information and Objectives.docx.pdf
Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf
Control & Restraint Policy.pdf
Behaviour Policy (1).pdf
Relationships and Health Education Policy.pdf
Remote Education Policy.pdf
CAPH Safeguarding Child Protection Policy_2023 Final (1).docx
Bereavement Policy 23-24.pdf
Sun Safe Policy.pdf